After the Clue Hunt, the Hunters went back to usual life...well maybe Dan boasted a bit.

Amy and DanEdit

Amy and Dan returned to study at school. They now have Nellie Gomez and Fiske Cahill as their legal guardians.

Dan at schoolEdit

On 4 October Mr. Garcia, Dan's homeroom teacher, asked where Dan had been for the last three weeks. Dan replied that it was top secret. He said someone in his family might try to kill him. "But I'd stop them. I learned wushu from Shaolin monks." He jumped out of his chair to demonstrate a kick. He broke the table with the aquarium tank and seriously hurt Herbert, the class's pet goldfish. Dan got sent to the principal's office.[1]

When Mrs. Travis, Dan's history teacher, announced that they were doing an essay on Benjamin Franklin, Dan asked if he could do something about Franklin's interest in farts. Mrs Travis replied Franklin had never disussed flatulence. Dan said she was "disrespecting one of their most revered founders" and got angry and said she was ignoring his greatest accomplishment. Dan got sent to the principal's office.[1]

In Music Mr Haverford was explaining how Mozart died penniless. Dan blurted it was because Mozart was importing crazy ingredients from around the world, such as tungsten. His teacher informed him he was incorrect, so Dan said he had some of the samurai swords Mozart imported. He took one from his bag and started swinging it around. He got the sword taken off him. Dan got sent to the principal's office.[1]

Nellie and Fiske CahillEdit

They both are the current guardians of Amy and Dan.

Jonah Wizard and Broderick WizardEdit

It was revealed that Cora disowned Jonah but Broderick took a stand and chose his son than Cora.

The StarlingsEdit

Ted has a dog called Flamsteed who acts as Ted's eyes.[2]


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