Into the Gauntlet

Into the Gauntlet

The End of the Line
Margaret Peterson Haddix
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Into the Gauntlet is the 10th book in the main series of the 39 Clues.


Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, have had enough. Not only do they have to find the 39 Clues first, they're expected to reunite their backstabbing family – the same people who killed their parents. But Amy and Dan haven't survived explosions for nothing. They have a plan to finish the Clue hunt on their own terms. Too bad there's a final, fatal secret the Madrigals haven't told them. A secret that could cost Amy and Dan – and the world – everything....

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Amy and Dan Cahill are in London on the last leg of the Clue hunt, investigating the lost years of William Shakespeare. But as they close in on a shocking discovery, all the rules change. Who is an enemy and who is a friend? With the fate of the world in their hands, Amy and Dan have to make devastating choices. A single mistake could lead to fatal consequences and an unthinkable end to the hunt.

Source: The 39 Clues: Into The Gauntlet