The Black Circle is to be written by Patrick Carman. It will be released on August 11, 2009. The cover of it will be orange in color, and it will have 176 pages. In it, Amy and Dan will try to find some Lucian secrets. They will also encounter the Madrigals.

It is almost certain that Amy and Dan will be traveling to Russia in The Black Circle. In the Find Dan and Amy videos, a code released on "The Passports" card said "FOLLOW YOUR PARENTS / TIME FOR AN ALLIANCE." Also, in the TOP SECRET section of the passport card, a message reads "Amy and Dan are ready for the next step." On "The Embassy" card, Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent are standing in front of the American Embassy in Russia. And in the card released with the latest video, "The Guidebook" shows a page that has a picture and text about the Kolyma Highway in Russia. The Black Circle could refer to the Black Sea, although Russia does not have a long coastline along it.

Also, in the inbox on July 3, William McIntyre said that Amy and Dan were sighted in Vancouver, British Colombia. However, the next day an email came out saying otherwise.

In the Card Pack 2 Clue Finder guide, there was an illustration of Dan and Amy at Area 51 which is in Nevada. The book is also Lucian related, and one of the Lucian strongholds is in Nevada, USA. However, the Area 51 clue "calcium carbonate" has already been discovered.