Many of the teams were present:

  • Alistair was there the night they died. - secret code from book 5.
  • Irina was there (Card 138 Top Secret)
  • Vikram & Isabel Kabra were there (Card 138 Top Secret)
  • Eisenhower Holt and Mary-Todd were there (Card 90)
  • Cora Wizard was there (Book 10)

Alistair was going to meet them on May 15th (Card 96 TOP SECRET) but a fire broke out in [Arthur and Hope Cahill|their]] Beacon Hill home. (MIT Compass article.) It was set by Isabel Kabra after they refued to give her the Australian clue. Neighbors recall seeing a strange limousine parked in front of Trent’s home right before the blaze started (MIT Compass article.) The limo arrived “well after midnight” but no one turned on the lights after the guests went inside. (The Boston Beacon article) The fire occurred in 2001 (The Boston Beacon article) Irina's task was to "stop h cahill" (Card 138 puzzle) Eisenhower was demoted for the "Cahill/Trent incident" (Card 90) There wasn't supposed to be any casualties (Card 90)

per card 95: The "event" was a "mistake." Alistair arrived at "10" He "can't imagine what went wrong" This was "not part of the plan" Alistair's flight arrived in Boston at 6:00. (Top Secret) Alistair knew others would be visiting. (Top Secret)