The Vespers are an organization founded by Lord Damien Vesper, composed of the most ruthless and skilled people Vesper or his minions can find. It is said that they are "more ruthless than the Lucians" and "make Isabel Kabra look like Mother Teresa". More about them will be revealed in the sequel series to "The 39 Clues," "Cahills Vs. Vespers." In the Cahill Series (Books 1-11), some hints about them were released, such as the mystery picture formed by certain cards from the first 10 books.


To complete Gideon's work and dominate the world using it.

Vespers in the storyEdit

It is revealed in The Black Book of Buried Secrets that Isabel's maiden name was Vesper, meaning that she could be a dangerous Vesper in the Cahill family. Arthur Trent is also revealed to be a Vesper/Cahill.

Famous VespersEdit

  • George S. Patton (Book 11: Vespers Rising)\
  • Lord Damien Vesper (founder)